Discover Lily's Favourites! A young and contemporary store concept with its own look and feel. At Becky's you purchase the entire branding package. On Lily's active Instagram page she promotes all her must haves, communicates with her followers and responds to the targeted audience. A brand full of trendy gifts and funky items in Lily's own design. To give with love and to be enjoyed together. Check it out

Fine Line mugs

In 4 different variants filled with tea

Fun mug

In 3 different variants filled with tea

Big Mug

In 3 different variants filled with tea

Ice Cream kit

In 2 different flavors and varieties

Winter tea mug

Filled with tea bags

Big to go kit

Filled with cappuccino and granola bar in 3 different varieties

Flexibility and punctuality are of the highest priority to us. Every day many trucks and containers leave our distribution center to deliver the shipments to our customers all over the world. In addition, our distribution center is housing a fully equipped production and repackaging department to meet customer-specific needs, such as displays, private label and other packaging options.