Check out Becky's bestsellers in gifts, sweets and snacks! Boost your assortment of impulse products with the best price-to-quality ratio.

oat sandwich cookies

Oat sandwich cookies

Cookies with chocolate, peanut butter or chocolate cream filling

Magdalena cakes in storage box

Magdalena cakes in storage box

Cakes in box in different colors

nougat bars in display

Nougat bars in display

In display in 5 different flavors

Insta Pasta

Fast en tasty instant pasta in 3 different flavours.

Flexibility and punctuality are of the highest priority to us. Every day many trucks and containers leave our distribution center to deliver the shipments to our customers all over the world. In addition, our distribution center is housing a fully equipped production and repackaging department to meet customer-specific needs, such as displays, private label and other packaging options.